AGBM 2018

Annual General Body Meeting ( AGBM)

of the Residents’ Welfare Association, Senior Citizen Home Complex Greater Noida is scheduled for  Sunday 29th April 2018 at 10:30 AM.

Let us see what happens therein. Meanwhile, documents have started flowing thick and fast.

Here is a Letter / Notice of present President. Basically, the thrust is that the previous RWA did serious financial irregularities and is siding with the SCHC Society ( aka the Builder ).

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And here is the Auditors Report

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Draw your own conclusions !

2 thoughts on “AGBM 2018”

  1. This was a fun meeting as expected. Herein whatever I remember. If any has any further to add please do.

    1) Started at 10 AM with insufficient quorum. Started again at 10:30 per by- laws but quorum still insufficient. Many people joined in later. Maybe someone was waiting and called them later … One gentleman ( do not know who ) was video-recording a major portion of the proceedings . If any knows who was it please let me know – I can post the video on this website for all to truly appreciate the meeting !!
    One was ‘caught’ to be a non-member but still attending !

    2) Accusations, counter accusations and accusations again were the major portion of the meeting.

    3) Tenure : The President Mr. Baliyan suggested anyone should hold a post and thereafter there should be cooling period of two years when he/she cannot hold a post. Someone pointed out there s already a provision in Bye-laws for this. Someone else pointed out only this EC is a result of ‘proper elections’ . Lot of hullaballo on that . I suggested keep a period of two years, then next two years on a different post and then a gap. No conclusion.
    Wonder what ‘benefit’ people are getting from posts that are meant for ‘ public service ‘. Some have held on ever since the RWA was formed !!

    4) One gentleman commented on the high expenses showing in the Audit. He was made incharge of checking all these expenses for the last five years ( If any has the name of the gentlemen please let me know !! ). Also, it was agreed ( I think ) with vociferous voice vote that any ‘ wrong doer’ caught will be publicly named and 10 times the damage caused collected by him. Wonder who will collect and how ?? Wil be interesting to track this.

    5) Electricity Theft : Seems many people are stealing electricity due which recovery is less and payments to NPCL more. Some attempts of some ‘jaals’ had been made by previous RWA and some gentlemen from there alleged this RWA did not complete for reasons known to this RWA.
    Again, it was agreed ( by vociferous voice vote and lot of clapping ) that a committee will be formed to detect such theft and any so caught will pay 10 times. Again, wonder who will collect and how !!

    6) Membership Fee : Many have paid a lifetime fee of Rs. 21,000/= It seems it was to be kept in an FD but has been used up. Now some others are demanding this be lowered to Rs. 3,100/= . Those who have paid Rs. 21,000/= then expect a refund. Since the FD has been encashed, no money for a refund !!!
    No data on how many have paid Rs. 21,000/ = and how many want to become a member but are insisting on Rs, 3,100/= . No logic from any party for either of these amounts !!! And why there should not be a refund ? ( Maybe I am biased since I paid Rs. 21,000/= ) . And why someone, who has probably paid at least Rs. 10 lacs for his / her flat , cannot pay Rs. 21,000/ = while many ( as per Mr. Baliyan the present RWA President, the majority ) , have paid.

    There was some comparison with banning of 15 years old cars in Delhi / NCR…that was for the public good, public being those who maybe did not even have cars so actually there is no comparison . Here everyone has a flat and is enjoying – for whatsoever it is worth – facilities paid out of Rs. 21,000 ( amongst others ) paid by a majority.
    No conclusion.

    7) As per present President Mr. Baliyan’s address, one reason why Rs. 21,000 ( less Rs. 3,100 as revised lifetime membership charges being demanded now ) ) cannot be refunded is that the previous RWA used up funds which were supposed to be kept in the FD and only interest thereupon was to be used for legal expenses and AGBM meetings only !!

    Previous RWA has made a capital expenditure of Rs. 1.3 crores on new lifts without approval of either the NCDRC ( per which RWA is only for operational maintenance, not capital expenses ) or via an AGBM of the residents !!! So, this expense is to be reclaimed by who and when no one knows !!

    On the other hand, previous RWA claims maintenance was increased in 2013 from 67 paise to Rs. 1 per square feet for each flat with the specific objective of getting lifts in each block . This translates into Rs. 36 lacs per year and so funds – including those collected as Life Membership charges – were appropriately used b y the previous RWA.

    I have no idea whether this was discussed and agreed upon in 2013.

    To me this is a serious matter . While of course every block needs lifts there may have been possibilities of at least getting it approved by NCDRC leaving at least some hope , and then reducing the expenses as much as possible. Not only are the lifts expensive, so will be their AMC , and that will be a recurring cost ! At least the flat owners should have been taken into confidence and some deliberations made. Even in the AGBM meeting complaints about lifts and their maintenance were many. If there is no money – or money is mismanaged- how does anyone expect things to improve ?

    8) There was a lot of time devoted to ‘scheme’ of previous RWA whereby they collected FDs at an interest rate of 1 % per month and another scheme whereby people who paid 11 months subscription in one go were given the last month ‘free’.Per present RWA such schemes will fall foul of Income Tax Authorities and lead to derecognition of RWA. Total loss seems to be Rs. 200,000 and some flat owners are vociferously demanding their share , or recovery from others who have already been paid perhaps.

    As before, there was no conclusion. But this is an indication of somethings that have been going on, maybe out of ignorance. And the inflexibility of some flat owners while expecting others to be flexible (like letting go of their Rs. 21,000= life membership fees  )

    And, at least some RWA members now are the same as over last many years, and so party to all this !!

    Finally, everyone had halwa poori and departed happily !

    1. S P Chakravarty

      So nothing was said about the status of the case filed by the RWA at a consumer court in Delhi?

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