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Phone Number : 9911743358

Does work in P3 Sector

Recommended by CA Ashwani Kumar ( * 94376)

Business Phone Number: 9911743358
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Electrician Prem

Phone : 9911142156

Does work in P3

Recommended by   U Topwal ( *27713)

Business Phone Number: 9911142156
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Address: Rampur Market, Greater Noida
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Mobile : 9250711017 , Punit Sharma

20th July 2018 : Fan Winding charges : 250/= for Aluminum wire and 300/= for Copper Wire. Most brands are copper wire. Warranty one season.

Took one fan to him as speed slow. He said Capacitor connections wrong and put them right. Cost Rs. 10/=. I liked that he did not try to cheat me by saying something else ( some others had said rewinding will need to be done !! )

Business Phone Number: 9250711017
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Board Fire
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Short Business Description: Electrician in Greater Noida
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Mobile No. : 98914 69118

Mobile No. : 81305 72507

He did wiring at our home. Even then there were problems. Lately Circuit Board caught fire ! Called him and he said due leakage from some electric pipe somewhere maybe not sealed properly during construction !! Repair cost Rs.3,500/= . But later I found  front gate bells not working and some earthing problem on first floor.

This was on 1st November 2018 . Since we can get hese works done only on Saturday, he agreed to come nexty Saturday i.e. 8thSeptyember. But on 7th when I reminded him, said has to go to Bareilly to some Guru Ji. Then agreed to come on 15thSpetemebr. As of now ( 14th Spet. 2018 evening ) , not picking phone ! Will update here as things develop.


Business Phone Number: 98914 69118
Prince Inverter
Address: Rampur, Greater Noida
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transformer repair

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Work Done : Repair of Transformer in September 2018

Problem : Voltage was not being regulated. Gave a very high voltage that burnt the transformer of my treadmill !!

Work Done : 4 pots replaced at Rs. 200/= and a voltage indicator at Rs. 100/=

Do not offer any warranty but will replace etc. if within 10-15 days.

As of 15 Nov. 2018 : Since supply voltage at my house was very high, got NPCL to adjust it to220 V. Output from transformer now 180 Volts which makes my treadmill swtich off since it needs a minimum of 220 Volts !! Vendor says bring transformer and will re-adjust.


Business Phone Number: 9312711057 , 93504 42503, 93100 19197 , 74285 20958
Address: K 363, UPSIDC Site 5, Kasna, Greater Noida
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[yasr_overall_rating size="small"]Work Done : Water Pump repair in Sept. 2018

Problem : Water pump motor jammed

Resolution : Shaft remade ( from another local lathe worker at Rs. 200/, new water seal put ni at Rs. 100/=, assembly and testing etc. Rs. 200/=. Total Rs. 500/=

Person Contacted : Ramkumar

Per vendor, pump impeller gets jammed due rust, bad water etc. At the time, should stop the motor to prevent further damage. Then get the  water side of the pump cleaned - you can do yourself if you have some tools. But continued operation of motor when impeller jammed will damage the impeller / shaft. In this case shaft got damaged but luckily the lathe work salvaged it.

As of Nov. 2018 : Working fine

They are authorized Crompton Greaves and Kirloskar dealers dealers and do repair work for them


19th Jan. 2019 :  Pump got jammed again, motor burnt !! Rewound by them at Rs. 850/= with 3 months warranty ( Receipt No. 1316)

But when reinstalled, bearings gave a LOT of noise. Removed and they replaced FOC. As of now, motor runs smooth.

Business Phone Number: 9717483535 , 9899404046, 9650454040
Sanjay Plumber
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Dec. 15, 2018, Plumbing

By Sanjay Plumber ( re Paramlal Contractor)

Works : Concealing Motor Pipe inside boundary wall  ( about 6 hours) at P3, Greater Noida

Labor : Rs. 1500/=

Materials ( From Eichar)

Quality of Work : Satisfactory

Business Phone Number: 8800356401
Address: C-526, P-3, Greater Noida
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Did boundary wall tile work around 15th Dec. 2018

Labor Rate : Rs. 18/square Feet

Material as under procured separately :

1) Tile 18X12, EL-4534 * Brick with white border) , 6 tiles, 9 square feet/box     @Rs. 205/box Total 60 boxes = 12,300/=

2) Tile 10X15, 303 L ( White)  8 tiles, 8.3 sft/box
@Rs.160/box Total 5 boxes = 800/=

3) Kotah Stone 5 pcs 22X 20 each to make 10 off 22X4 strips,
@Rs. 48/piece /strip, Total = 240/=

4) Grout,
@ Rs. 70/pack , 6 packs, Total = Rs.  420/=

5) Tile Cleaner, 2, @Rs. 160/= , Total Rs. 320/=

6) Birla Uttam Cement |
@Rs.310/bag, total 14 bags, Total =4,340/=

For Chinai:

7) Badarpur  25 cft
@Rs. 40/cft, Total = 1000/=

8)Bricks @ Rs. 5/each, total 150 bricks
Total = 750/=

Total Transport : 300+300 = 600

Labor : Total Tiles 585 sft  X18 = 10,530 + Extra for chinai/gola work : Rs.1500=Rs. 12,030

Total Project Cost =32,800/=

Time : 8 days, one mistry and one laborer

Quality : Satisfactory, so far !

Update on 31st January 2019 : When rains came, found that Gola made by his Raj mistry on roof is leaking !! Called Parmlal many times but he either does not pick up, or promises to come but does'nt ! POOR WORK AND UNRELIABLE CONTRACTOR !!


Tiles and Kotah Stone from Jagdamba Marbles E-6, Site 4,, 9999221103 / 9999221106

Cement, Bricks and Badarpur ( For some chinai work ) from Vansh Traders Eichar Cell 9910265299

Paramlal, C 586 P-3, Cell : 9871925421

Others contacted but found expensive:

Ramswaroop 9811073724

Praveen ( Balaji Constructions ) : 9152453663

Heera : 8368077654 ( Did not come after 2-3 calls, time wasted)

Business Phone Number: 9871925421
C . S. Enterprises
Address: Shop No. 26, 1st Floor, Jagat Plaza, Jagat Farm
Greater Noida
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They are authorized Bajaj Service Center for all Bajaj Electrical  Equipment. Bajaj presently handles Morphy Richards.

11th Feb. 2019 : Morphy Richards Kettle's thermostat replaced. Part Rs. 180 and Labor Rs. 150/=. Working Fine presnetly

Rajkaran : Mobile 9654895812


Business Phone Number: 0120-4742160 , 8802319661