Greater Noida Authority Directory

Gnoida Authority Directory
Gnoida Authority Directory

Here please find the Gnoida Authority Directory for any to directly contact with their complaints, if need be.

Thanks to Major Bhati for the same.

If any has any other useful information that they want put on the site, they can use the contact page to establish contact with me and I will get back to them

For Complaints, please use the publish here page. Please note however that this is NOT official RWA forum and so, your complaints should also be directed to the RWA.

Thank you, and be well !

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  1. Update on 7t Oct. 2019 : I spoke to Ms Archana Dwivedi for a Horticulture matter. She advised neither she nor Shri V. P. Singh is now looking after Horticulture and instead Shri Ajay Rai is to be contacted. As advised by her, mobile number of Shri Ajay Rai is 9871090101 .However, this number is coming switched off/out of range.

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