Dangerous fire and pollution near Gate 3


Dangerous fire and pollution near Gate 3

In the area adjoining Central School and Gate No.. 3 of P-3 Block, there are frequent incidents of fire. There is a lot of garbage there, and labor from surrounding projects/ buildings that do not have toilet facilities also use the ground for their toilet needs. It is possible that some of them deliberately sets fire to garbage already there to keep the area clear of bushes etc. and at least slightly fit for their use.

However, this frequent fire is dangerous. Smoke due to it is inhaled by all of us, and even enters our houses. No one can isolate/ proetct themselves from their ill effects and so taking it as someone elses’s problem’ is not going to help.

Images of a very recent such fire on 9th February 2018 ( and 3-4 times again thereafter ) are here, along with good efforts made by some pubic minded people of  P-3 for which we are grateful. However, we must insist on a permanent solution now itself before more serious incidents happen.

Thanks MUCH to all who helped. Let us keep this issue live for OUR benefit only and aim to solve this PERMANENTLY !



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